Corsi: Here Come 5 Million New “Obamnesty” Votes for Democrats

Dr. Jerome Corsi — Let’s face it.

Barack Obama has decided he’s above the law.

With the Obama amnesty, or Obamnesty, he declared with a series of “presidential memos,” lawyers analyzing the action have concluded Obama simply “nullified” existing immigration laws to the detriment of those millions that stand in line, follow legal procedures, and become citizens.

Barack Obama has decided to hand out Social Security numbers to maybe 5 million illegal immigrants simply because they are parents to a child that has U.S. birthright citizenship or legal U.S. residency status, provided the parents have been in the country for five years and their taxes are current.

There is nothing in the Obamnesty executive orders that requires the 4 million illegal immigrants getting Social Security numbers to become citizens or even to recite the pledge of allegiance to the United States.

Once the 5 million illegal immigrants get Social Security cards, what is to prevent them from getting state-issued driver’s licenses.

To compound the damage done to lawful citizens, Obama insists the 5 million will be exempt from Obamacare requirements, with the result the 5 million illegal immigrants get a competitive advantage in seeking employment versus the more expensive U.S. citizens applying for the job that are subject to Obamacare requirements.

Then, bingo, the real prize comes around and what is to stop the 5 million illegal immigrants armed with legally-issued and verifiable Social Security numbers and equally legally-issued and verifiable state driver’s licenses from registering to vote.

Since Democratic Party operatives have empirical evidence from past elections that demonstrates the 5 million illegal immigrants will overwhelmingly vote for Democratic Party candidates, Barack Obama has just stacked the deck against GOP electoral opponents.

Moreover, since Democratic Party operatives are certain to blame GOP members of Congress for “blocking” a vote in the House that may have approved a Senate-passed “comprehensive immigration reform bill,” the 5 million illegal immigrants in gratitude to President Obama will have reason to vote Democratic more strongly that even past elections would suggest…

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