Clueless DHS Chief Mocks Border Security

President Obama’s clueless Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, the man responsible for border security, mocked the idea of a secure border by laughingly claiming “As somebody else once said, ‘Build a 16 foot wall and I’ll show you a 16 foot ladder.”Jeh Johnson0

If illegal immigrants have access to 16 foot ladders, maybe they aren’t as bad off as claimed. Also, there must be some lure, in the form of endless welfare and other taxpayer-provided goodies, for these impoverished masses to risk scaling an effective and secure border fence.

Johnson continued by claiming, as most border scrutiny officials who are less interested in security and more interested in bureaucratic empire building and ensuring the flow of illegals continues unabated, that the answer is more technology:

“For the future, more walls is not necessarily the answer,” he said. “More technology for border security, not more walls.”

A secure border fence tells potential immigration law violators, this country is serious about enforcing its laws so if you choose to break the law and enter illegally, you will pay the price. That’s the value of a secure fence.