What Is President Obama’s Immigration Plan?


NY Times — President Obama announced on Thursday evening a series of executive actions to grant up to five million unauthorized immigrants protection from deportation. The president is also planning actions to direct law enforcement priorities toward criminals, allow high-skilled workers to move or change jobs more easily, and streamline visa and and court procedures, […]

How is Obama justifying this amnesty?

The President Speaks on Fixing America's Broken Immigration System

  Townhall says The Office of Legal Counsel memo released before Obama’s speech cites Obama’s Article II Section 3 constitutional duty to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed” as the source of his power to grant this amnesty. The memo reasons that since there are 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the country today, and DHS only […]

The guts of it


So here’s what he’s doing. The key to Obama’s new immigration policy is the creation of one new amnesty program and the expansion of another. Specifically, Obama’s new amnesty program will give illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for at least five years, and who are parents of U.S. citizens or legal residents, a three year work permit. This […]

Bill introduced to defund immigration order


Reps. Ted Poe (R-TX) and Diane Black (R-TN) have already introduced legislation that would defund Obama’s executive action on immigration: Their bill, titled The Separation of Powers Act, would block the use of funds for deferring deportations of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally or providing work permits. Poe said the legislation would reinforce the […]

Boehner vows House will act to stop Obama’s executive fiat


Republicans are scrambling to strategize the best possible way to prevent Obama’s executive order on immigration, and Speaker John Boehner vowed Friday that the House will do whatever it takes to prevent Obama from “damaging the presidency”: “With this action, the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he […]

Make this the first action of the 114th Congress


There is a perfectly simple way to stop the Executive Order regarding illegal immigrants and deportations. Congress can overturn it. It’s been done before. Now is the time to call your Congressman and Senators. You tell them you know that the President’s actions are unconstitutional. i.e. they are not powers enumerated to him under the Constitution. Then tell […]