Jeb Bush says he’ll persuade GOP on immigration


Sort-of presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke out on immigration and how he sees his candidacy in relation to the party’s nods towards immigration control and border security. “A candidate gets to persuade,” Bush said to Miami’s NBC 6. “I think there’s a compelling case that if we want to be young and dynamic again, we […]

Immigrant workers account for ALL employment growth since 2007


WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Labor statistics show that foreign-born workers account for all net gains in U.S. employment in the past seven years, according to a group that advocates low immigration. The Center for Immigration Studies issued a report Friday that found 1.5 million fewer U.S.-born workers employed in 2014 than prior to the recession in […]

A response from Sen. Warner on Obama’s immigration policy


Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) recently responded to a Minuteman Project reader who sent him a direct email through our take action center. Read his response below: Dear [redacted], Thank you for contacting me regarding our nation’s immigration system. I have heard from thousands of Virginians and met with hundreds of groups and individuals on the […]

DACA and the Next Amnesty Are Missing Big Public Health Opportunities

Doctor 3

CIS — Suppose your community is taking on millions of new members — wouldn’t it be a good idea for their sake, as well as for those of the existing community — if their health were checked on their way through the door? That’s what Ellis Island, in a rough and ready way, was all […]

Much of Obama’s Lawless Immigration Scheme Still Unknown


CIS — Many more plans, guidelines, and policies not yet issued. President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued 10 memos outlining the administration’s planned lawless amnesty, but they are limited in detail and leave much of the policymaking to executive branch agencies.1 As such, much remains unknown about exactly how this scheme will operate. For […]

Tucson police will no longer check immigration status

Tucson Police badge

Tucson police said Wednesday they will no longer fully enforce the state’s landmark immigration law that requires local police to check the immigration status of people they encounter while enforcing other laws. Chief Roberto Villaseñor said his officers will now only check immigration status and call the U.S. Border Patrol when a person has prior […]