U.S. judge in Texas sentences two Mexican cartel members to life in prison


Yahoo News — AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – A federal judge in Texas on Thursday sentenced two members of the Los Zetas Mexican criminal cartel to life in prison for smuggling thousands of kilograms of marijuana and hundreds of assault rifles across the border, prosecutors said. Emilio Villalobos-Alcala, 29, and Jose Eluid Lugo-Lopez, 27, were convicted […]

Drug Mules Play Cat and Mouse in Big Bend

big bend area

Illegal immigrants are packing 50 lbs of drugs as the cross the Southern Border and Border Patrol enforces play a daily cat and mouse game to try and stop them. “It doesn’t matter who you are. The country is rough and hard on people when you’re out there on foot. And that’s what we do […]

DHS Head Johnson Admits Border Not Under Control

jeh johnson

Testifying before Congress this week, Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson admitted that his department does not have “situational control” over the Southern Border. Appearing before several committees to justify his 2016 budget request, Mr. Johnson said his department does not yet have situational control over the southwestern border, nor does it even have full […]

Deportations Under Obama Fall to 2006 Levels

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The Associated Press has learned the government is on pace to deport the fewest illegal immigrants since 2006 according to government documents. As of April 20, federal immigration officials sent home 127,378 people in the United States illegally. That puts immigrant removals on track to be among the lowest since the middle of President George […]

Underground tunnels found beneath California-Mexico border


U.S. Border Patrol has discovered two underground tunnels dug beneath the California-Mexico border: The first was found Monday near Calexico across from Mexicali. The second, though incomplete, was discovered Tuesday in the Tijuana River Valley across from Tijuana’s Avenida International. The Mexicali-Calexico tunnel measured 230 feet long, four feet high and four feet wide. According […]

Sen. Chuck Grassley puts ball in House’s court on immigration reform


Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated that his panel has no plans to write immigration legislation until he knows for certain that the House will act on immigration reform: “I want to use my time and the committee’s time to do something,” […]