Public Service Announcement from the Minuteman Project – Sponsored by Roy Warden   Event          Tucson Rally in Protest Against Illegal Immigration and Amnesty   Location    Tucson Mexican Consulate   Address     553 S. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona   Time           12: 00 pm (High Noon) Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 […]

U.S. Customs and Border Protection to Hire Border Patrol Agents


cbp.gov — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency responsible for securing U.S. ports of entry and international borders will accept applications nationwide starting today for border patrol agent positions on the Southwest border. To apply for border patrol agent positions, applicants must have an active USA Jobs account and complete an online application […]

Jim calls for Israeli-style fence on southern border


Thanks to ONENEWSNOW for posting about Jim’s fight to secure the border with a multi-layered fence. The Founder of the Minuteman Project is urging the federal government to erect a multi-layered fence along most of the southern border as a secure way to keep most illegal aliens from entering the country. Eight years ago, Congress passed […]

The Shocking Number of Illegals Not From Mexico That Escaped at the Border Last Year — and Where Some of Them Are From


The Blaze — While the Obama administration denies the porous United States border with Mexico presents a national security risk, internal DHS documents viewed by TheBlaze and dozens of interviews with federal law enforcement officials tell a different story — especially when it comes to who, exactly, is sneaking into the U.S. According to the […]

DHS: Illegal Alien Surge Expected this Winter


Infowars — “Despite an anticipated spike in immigration, feds claim no threat posed by Ebola or terrorists”. Officials with the Department of Homeland Security have admitted they expect another surge in illegal immigration this coming winter. DHS is already building facilities for immigrant families in expectation that “the influx could grow again this winter,” reports […]

Former Border Patrol Agent: CDC ‘Disappearing’ Potential Ebola Victims


Infowars — Illegal aliens with illnesses being secretly quarantined. Former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor has divulged that the CDC is working with Border Patrol authorities and the Department of Homeland Security to disappear potential Ebola victims attempting to cross the border into the United States. The interview with 27-year Border Patrol veteran Taylor was […]