Mexico Doesn’t Want Illegals In Their Neighborhood


A prime example of hypocrisy from Guadalajara, Mexico: Residents of a Guadalajara neighborhood insist they are not guilty of discrimination or racism by opposing the relocation of a shelter for Central American migrants passing through the city on their way to the United States. At a small demonstration held Sunday [August 23], around 70 neighbors […]

Rick Perry suggests helping to secure Mexico’s southern border


Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke with Fox News’s Lou Dobbs on Wednesday about how imperative border security is to immigration reform, and suggested a step that other candidates have not addressed: that the U.S. help to secure Mexico’s southern border in order to stymie the flow of Central Americans into the country: Perry discussed […]

South Texas opposes wall on border with Mexico


By Jairo Mejia. Mission, Texas, Sep 1 (EFE).- Though some mayors in the border region of the Rio Grande Valley have lined up with conservatives, none wants to hear anything about the wall that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump wants to build – they prefer greater cooperation with Mexico instead. When Trump made his appearance […]

Walker’s talk about Canadian border wall draws derision


By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press ONAWA, Iowa (AP) — With his sleeves rolled up, Scott Walker wowed Iowa Republicans in January at one of the first events of the 2016 campaign — a moment that shot the Wisconsin governor into the top-tier of GOP candidates for president. In the months since, Walker has slowly fallen […]

The Number of Victims Shows There’s No Excuse for Sanctuary Cities

get out of jail free card

litigation battle is raging between the states and President Barack Obama over his attempt to impose a nationwide “sanctuary” policy for illegal aliens. Yet there is no question that existing sanctuary policies implemented by numerous towns and cities have victimized innocent Americans. Those sanctuary policies have enabled illegal aliens to commit thousands of crimes—crimes that […]

Republican Walker feels idea of wall between U.S. and Canada “legitimate”

scott walker

Republican presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, said in an interview Sunday the idea of building a wall along the U.S.-Canada border was a “legitimate” idea against the problem of illegal immigration and terrorism. Talking about border security in an interview with the NBC network, presenter Chuck Todd asked Walker if he would consider building […]

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