Feds Go After Border Patrol Agent for Murder of Rock Throwing Illegal

A Border Patrol agent has been charged by a federal grand jury with second-degree murder in a cross-border shooting incident. Agent Lonnie Swartz is accused of killing Elena Rodriguez during a rock-throwing incident near Nogales, Arizona. The Border Patrol has said that Elena Rodriguez was among a group of rock throwers endangering agents’ lives. His family […]

GUILTY! Two Drug Cartel Thugs Pay for Killing Border Patrol Officer

Two Mexican drug cartel thugs were found guilty by a Federal court in the slaying of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry way back in December of 2010. Ivan Soto-Barraza and Jesus Sanchez-Meza used weapons supplied to them by the U.S. government to slay the decorated agent during a gunfight in the Arizona desert. The two […]

U.S. Unprepared for European-Style Migrant Invasion

What would happen is thousands of migrants suddenly appeared at our Southern Border and swarmed across into the U.S.? Experts say the U.S. is woefully unprepared to tackle a such a surge of migrants like what is afflicting many nations in Europe. Only the Coast Guard has any practical plan to deal with a surge of […]

Illegal Alien Gangmembers Charged With Murder and Burning Corpses

Two members of the fearsome Tri-City Bombers Mexican drug gang are behind bars accused of a grisly double murder where they tried to hide their crime by burning the victims. This week, investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested 22-year-old Edwin Adrian Salinas for his suspected role in the case. Authorities had initially arrested […]

Trump: Deportation Plan “Will Work”

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump jousted with mainstream media’s Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes last night over the illegal alien invasion. CBS’s Pelley derided deportation saying it was not “practical.”  Trump fired back calling his plan both “humane” and “practical.” Pelley asked Trump what he plans to do with the 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants […]

18 Los Zetas Drug Cartel Thugs Found Guilty

18 members of the infamous Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel have been found guilty of a wide variety of charges stemming from the massive drug and money laundering operation they ran between Texas and Mexico. The organization was led by Erasmo Abdon “El Cuate” Trejo-Nava who was described by prosecutors as the leader of the […]

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