Speaker Candidate Paul Ryan a Disaster on Amnesty for Illegals

Paul Ryan has emerged as a leading candidate to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. For immigration patriots, this may be the worst possible news. Rep. Ryan has a long record as a supporter of Open Borders and has been an active lobbyist for amnesty as well as a string of other pro-immigration […]

AZ Sheriff Says Obama Should be Held Liable for Illegals Crimes

Congressional candidate and Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu blasted President Obama over his negligence regarding allowing illegal alien criminals to run free in the streets of the United States. Babeu said, “Barack Obama, Charles, has led the largest prison break in American history. 67,000 prisoners, these are criminal illegals that have been released onto our […]

Prisoners WIN Debate With Harvard Team Over Illegal Immigration

Maybe the problem with the GOP Congressional leadership is they haven’t been to prison yet. A debate team made up of prisoners at the maximum-security Eastern correctional facility in New York recently defeated an all-star team from Harvard University. The topic: illegal immigration in schools. Harvard was for illegal immigrants in public schools and the prisoners […]

Kasich Backs Illegal Alien Amnesty

GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich gave a full-throated endorsement of amnesty for illegal aliens before a crowd of Hispanic business executives. Illegal immigrants are “a critical part of our society” and should be provided a route to amnesty, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich tells a coalition of Hispanic company executives. “For those that are here that […]

Demanding Answers For Illegal Alien Crimes

Sen. Charles Grassley  and Rep. Bob Goodlatte jointly sent the following letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson demanding he answer for the deplorable state of immigration law enforcement in America. Specifically, the two lawmakers want to know why DHS has been allowing so-called “Sanctuary Cities” to continue to flout federal immigration law. As they […]

Obama to Spring 2,000 Foreign-Born Criminals

President Obama’s Department of Justice announced they are releasing 6,000 federal prisoners early due to overcrowding by the end of this month. About a third of the prisoners getting a “Get Out of Jail Free” card from Obama are foreign-born crooks who supposedly will be immediately deported. The mass release comes after the U.S. Sentencing Commission reduced […]

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