Obama Planning to Stop Deportation for Millions of Illegals


WSJ — Length of Time in U.S., Family Ties to Others in Country Are Expected Criteria. The White House is considering two central requirements in deciding which of the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants would gain protections through an expected executive action: a minimum length of time in the U.S., and a person’s family ties […]

Warning About Obama After Election


Rush Limbaugh — I have this from Breitbart.com: “Exclusive: Reince Priebus Rallies Base: GOP Will Stop Obama’s Un-American Amnesty if We Win the Senate.” Maybe it’s Reince. Yeah, that’s what it says here. I never can remember how to pronounce this man’s name. Don’t think it’s Reince. Probably Reince. Reince Priebus. “Reince Priebus, the chairman […]

Blacks Turn on Dems: ‘They are Abusing Us’


Real Pundit — Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country. That message shed’s light on who they say are the “real oppressors” of their community–Black-liberal democrats. Although these men are recognized as leaders […]

Border Patrol Union Blasts Obama Amnesty Plan


Newsmax — The president of the union representing immigration service agents said he is adamantly opposed to any plans by President Barack Obama to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants through executive action, the Washington Examiner reported. Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Service adjudicators and personnel, characterized an executive order on immigration […]

Civil-Rights Official Chastises Obama on Amnesty


Washington Times — Millions of work permits for low-wage workers ‘will devastate black community’ A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights told President Obama Monday that the administration’s reported plan to grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants of illegal immigrants would have a harmful effect on black American workers. Peter Kirsanow, […]

Don’t Let Obama’s ‘Massive Unilateral Amnesty’ Go Through


Breitbart — In a message to the American people, the president of the union representing 12,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) adjudicators and personnel is warning about President Obama’s plans for executive amnesty. The statement, obtained in advance by Breitbart News, finds National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council president Kenneth Palinkas highlighting the […]