Marco Rubio Sees the Light on Illegal Immigration


Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading champion of the “Gang of Eight” illegal immigrant amnesty bill a few years ago now has seen the light. Rubio, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) said his past support for amnesty was misguided and The bill’s critics were proven right, Mr. Rubio said, by what he described […]

Obama’s Amnestied Illegals to Get Nearly $10k in Taxpayer Cash


A new finding from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) spells out how an illegal immigrant with a family of four kids could, thanks to Obama’s amnesty, claim up to $9,182 in taxpayer cash without paying one dime in federal taxes. Requested by an unnamed Senator, the CRS letter details the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit […]

Arrogant Obama Tells Illegals “Gather Your Papers”


Can you believe the nerve of this guy? Since President Obama doesn’t care about the law, it should come as no surprise that he basically laughs at the federal judge who did his job and found Obama’s illegal executive action on amnesty illegal. But of course Obama won’t let a little thing like the law […]

What Do We Have To Do To Convince Politicians We Don’t Want Amnesty


It’s the question we’ve been asking for years and here Ann Coulter asks again, this time of a GOP majority which committed to blocking Obama’s illegal executive action for amnesty but somehow can’t manage the job.

Father to Congress: My son was murdered by a DACA recipient

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Several victims of criminal illegals testified before Congress Tuesday, including a man whose son was murdered by a person enrolled in Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program: “My son, Jamiel Andre Shaw II, was murdered by a DREAMer, a DACA recipient, a child brought to this country by no fault of his own,” Mr. […]

Obama can’t find enough illegals to fill REQUIRED detention quotas


U.S. immigration law requires that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold 34,000 detainees at a time to fill all available beds. But thanks to Obama’s new policies, ICE can barely meet the quota: As of Jan. 25, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was averaging just 27,000 detainees a day for fiscal 2015, which began Oct. […]