Captain America Beats Up Minutemen

Really Disney? You politicized Captain America? It can’t just be about Good vs Bad anymore?

Historically, the Captain America franchise has avoided touching on our internal issues, focusing instead on fascists, communists, terrorists, and mad men hellbent on world domination.

Marvel announced last year that the Sam Wilson character would become the new Captain America, replacing Steve Rogers, who had lost his superhuman abilities. Marvel introduced Wilson in 1969 as the Falcon, making him the first African-American superhero in the comic company’s history.  As Captain America in the newest issue, Wilson recounts an internal struggle as he shifts away from Rogers’ apolitical Captain America towards focusing on domestic injustice.

Watch how the preaching starts in Marvel’s (Marvel is now owned by Disney which also owns ABC News) latest episode of “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,”in a video released by the MacIver Institute. It’s a well known fact that the current creative director, Nick Spencer, is a well known leftist who has criticized Donald Trump for his “racist” views on illegal aliens and his enthusiasm for a physical southern border.

Watch the video and you’ll  learn how Captain America beats up members of a white “supremacist militia” called the Sons of the Serpent as they cross with a group of illegal aliens crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona.