California Initiative To Give Illegal Immigrants Residency

California takes another step towards amnesty. From the International Business Times:

Immigration Reform: Signature Collection Underway For California Initiative To Give Undocumented Immigrants Residency

An initiative to give residency permits to immigrants living in California illegally is gaining momentum in the country’s most populated state, where backers of the measure are gearing up to begin collecting signatures to get the proposal before voters in 2016, according to Los Angeles Daily News. The California Immigration Reform Act would require permit holders to pay state income taxes and bar the state from using public funds to aid federal immigration enforcement.

Louis J. Marinelli

Louis J. Marinelli

Backers, who gained permission to begin collecting signatures Wednesday, have until Dec. 21 to get the required 365,880 signatures from registered California voters to put the initiative on the 2016 ballot. Immigrants who take part in the program would not have to show proof of immunizations until they apply for permanent residence cards, which would be made available only after five years of living in the state. The permits would establish an official arrival date in the country and give immigrants a tax identification number to allow them to attend school or apply for jobs.

“If you come forward, register, pay state income taxes and get your immunizations, California will allow you to stay in California and you will be here legally, at least as far as California is concerned,” author Louis J. Marinelli said.