Border Patrol Union Blasts Obama Amnesty Plan

Newsmax — The president of the union representing immigration service agents said he is adamantly opposed to any plans by President Barack Obama to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants through executive action, the Washington Examiner reported. Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Service adjudicators and personnel, characterized an executive order on immigration as “dangerous” and said that amnesty would “exponentially” increase the health and national security risks to the public, while raising costs for taxpayers. “If you care about your immigration security and your neighborhood security, you must act now to ensure that Congress stops this unilateral amnesty,” Palinkas, who represents 12,000 employees, said in a public statement, according to the Examiner. After immigration reform failed to progress in Congress earlier this year, the president pledged this summer to “fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own.” In August, The Washington Post reported that the White House was drawing up plans for an executive order that would grant amnesty to possibly millions of undocumented immigrants, allowing them to avoid deportation and gain green cards. [Read More]