Biden Jumps the Gun: We’re Going to Stop Deportations

BREITBART — Biden, who has said that he believes illegal immigrants are already American citizens, was advocating for amnesty for all of the country’s illegal immigrants at a South Florida college (Miami Dade) when someone in the audience reportedly shouted, “Stop deportations!” According to the Associated Press, the vice president, who is a potential 2016 presidential candidate and has made no secret about wanting to court the Democrat party’s liberal base, replied, “We’ll do that, too, kid, but let me finish my speech.” After amnesty legislation stalled in Congress earlier this year, pro-amnesty advocates have been calling President Barack Obama the “deporter in chief” to pressure him to unilaterally stop deportations and grant more amnesty, even though that notion has been thoroughly debunked by the mainstream press reports from the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. [Read More]