Barletta Says No Border Security, No Amnesty

Barletta Says No Border Security, No AmnestyWashington Times – As mayor of Hazleton, Pa., I witnessed firsthand the impact illegal immigration can have on a community and its residents. We noticed that while our population had increased by 50 percent, our tax base had remained the same. As a result, there have been few in this country who have stood up against illegal immigration as I have. In my view, the Senate bill promises amnesty before security. It has the priorities exactly backwards.

As mayor, I passed an ordinance that said that if an employer knowingly hired an illegal immigrant, that employer’s license would be suspended. The act also said that if a landlord knowingly rented to an illegal immigrant, that license would also be suspended. Naturally, I was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union, and that case is still pending. As a result, I strongly support a mandatory E-Verify system to be used by employers to discern the legality of prospective workers. [Read More]