Ann Coulter: We Can’t Assimilate Them

Ann Coulter ties the terrorist attacks in Paris to a much larger problem with immigration: America and the West no longer have the will or the desire to assimilate immigrants. boston marathon bombing

After 50 years of the most backward, dysfunctional cultures pouring into the civilized world, the media are forced to blatantly lie to us whenever immigrants attack: This has nothing to do with refugees! Ismail Omar Mostefai is “a Frenchman.”

Ismail is “French” in the same way that Caitlin Jenner is a “woman.” That doesn’t mean we can draw no conclusions about the relative strength of men and women, even though a “woman” won the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics.

The fact that only one of the terrorists was part of the current “refugee” flow proves we’re facing something much bigger than a refugee problem: We can’t assimilate them. These days, second-generation immigrants are just as likely to shoot up Fort Hood as the first-generation Tsarnaev brothers are to blow up the Boston Marathon.

Coulter then expands on the impact of unlimited immigration beyond the obvious economic downsides:

The insistent demand for an endless flow of Third World immigrants to the West goes well beyond cheap labor for the rich. It has become a mass psychosis.

Why should we act as if our cultures are better than those that haven’t made advanced scientific discoveries, such as that women are human beings? That would be “xenophobic”! Successful countries must allow themselves to be overrun by backward cultures so that no country thinks it’s better than another.

This psychosis runs so deep that even a father who was with his 12-year-old son at the Bataclan theater during the attack refused to notice anything distinctive about the shooters. Asked to describe one assailant’s face on CNN, the man replied, “He looked like a young fellow.”

He was young! Fantastic — bring the police sketch artist!

Coulter then goes after Republicans for missing the point or for deliberately using tough talk on terrorism as an excuse to ignore immigration patriots and keep the flow of third world cheap labor flowing:

While liberals’ idea of retaliation is to post the French flag on their Twitter profiles, Republicans think the way to get tough is to go to war in Syria.

Marco Rubio gives macho speeches about a military attack on ISIS — “either they win or we win!” — to distract from the fact that his immigration bill would have massively increased the number of needy immigrants pouring into our country — including Muslim refugees.

So Rubio’s plan for Middle East stability is to start more wars and then import all the displaced terrorists into the United States. Brilliant!

Not to be a stickler, but ISIS didn’t slaughter 3,000 Americans on 9/11, blow up the Boston Marathon, murder nine Americans at Fort Hood, or open fire on a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

ISIS didn’t kill Kate Steinle, commit mass murder on the Long Island Railroad, introduce Palo Mayombe and Santeria to our country, bring slaves and concubines from India to San Francisco, or burn down hundreds of acres of national parks to evade border agents.

ISIS doesn’t import 90 percent of the illegal drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year, steal billions of dollars from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, or rape little girls, nuns and dogs in our country.

ISIS isn’t responsible for Sweden suddenly becoming the rape capital of the world, the Eritrean asylum seeker who stabbed a mother and a son to death at an Ikea store in Vasteras a few months ago, or the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh being stabbed to death on a street in Amsterdam.

All that — and more! — is the result of Third World immigration to the First World.

The West’s importation of Stone Age people is a completely self-inflicted wound. It’s as if the civilized world decided to amputate a leg. You know what? We’re too healthy and pure. Peg legs are stylish!

Overseas nation building used to be mocked by the Right just like “root causes” of crime as a social engineering tool were mocked.  Except now, the GOP is the party of nation building overseas:

The idea that the only way to stop Third World immigrants from murdering Westerners is for our military to remake foreign hellholes into “proud, functioning and viable member(s) of the community of nations” — as Madeline Albright said when we sent troops to Somalia in 1993 — goes back to the Left’s “root causes” theory.

Instead of imprisoning criminals, liberal judges in the 1960s decided that we must tackle the “root causes” of crime by addressing PID: poverty, ignorance and disease. To fight crime, we’d deploy welfare, Head Start and school lunch programs!

For the next two decades our streets ran with blood. Americans finally rose up in a blind rage and demanded that criminals be separated from the law-abiding.

Similarly, we wish the best for all the barbaric, misogynistic, pedophilic, illiterate nations of the world. But the main thing we want is for our government to keep them away from us.

Finally, Coulter sums up America’s bottom line position when it comes to its responsibilities to the rest of the world:

Isn’t keeping murderers out of the country literally the least our government can do? America has been pretty generous to the rest of the world, taking in more than twice as many refugees as the rest of the world combined. As Donald Trump says, now we need a “pause.”