An American Without A Country Fears His Government

Commentary from a Texan:

Dear Mr. Gilchrist,

I live in Austin, TX.

I am taking the time to write this email because I am extremely worried about the next two months now that Obama and the democrats have nothing left to lose and have the media to protect them during the outgoing democratic senators’ lame duck session. The immigration amnesty, Green initiatives and Gun Control vs property and personal rights, and Obamacare, are my biggest personal concerns because they may forever change this country, erode our basic rights, and ultimately bring our country and economy to ruin. We have already been affected by the changes from Obama, but the worst is still coming.
Most urgent is immigrant amnesty, Obama is acting like a dictator because he knows that he, Hillary Clinton, and democrats in the future have enough support from their base and the media to withstand anything. The media and celebrities who support him, sway the uninformed democratic-leaning voters enough to make him and his followers immune from everything, no matter how egregious, including resistance to Obama’s over-reaching executive orders. It is sickening and unbelievable that our country and journalism have arrived at this state. I don’t understand why the other side doesn’t see the consequences.

The reason I am contacting you is that while I respect and support the efforts of conservative groups and leaders like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and others to protect our freedoms, there is not enough happening to stop Obama on his intent to issue immigration amnesty before the end of the year, which is when he has stated that he will act. I believe he will do exactly what he said would do. If he then succeeds in this without enough backlash, then I am sure you will agree that this will assure him that he has nothing to fear with stopping or stone-walling any Obamacare change or green initiative efforts, or anything else important to the current majority of republican leaders or the people who elected them. Furthermore, if you don’t stop him on immigration amnesty, I believe it will help Hillary Clinton in the next election and insure that the majority of republican senators will shift back in 2016 to the democrats with so many seats up for grabs the next time and because there will be more democratic voters getting out the vote in the presidential election support for Clinton. Obama and the media pundits, including CNN and the major networks, are ignoring or downplaying the voters who represented a huge span of US territory and are already talking about how they can block Republicans and make them look like incapable obstructionists in the next election instead of the other way around.

So that brings me to my reason for writing to you – The only way to stop Obama’s plan to issue general immigration amnesty is with a huge show of popular support, not petitions, not Fox news, not speeches, and not threats from a republican congressional majority. I believe Obama will make his amnesty move by Christmas as a present to his growing Hispanic constituency. He knows that if he does this, he will be a hero to the Hispanic and liberal voters forever, and cement his own place in history and provide future democrats with a permanent and fast-growing hispanic base. If he is to be stopped, it will require a very fast and very large grass-root effort to put people on the streets, especially in a big show in Washington DC. This is a tall order for people who have to get ready for the holidays and take time away from jobs and family, so it means getting the word out with marching orders to millions of people very, very quickly. This is why I am sending this to every conservative watchdog organization and the news agency I know.

You may agree or you may question why I know this is the only chance we have to stop Obama from proceeding against the wishes of the country’s voters who have sent him a clear message. My only experience in politics is from personal fights that I led on my own or on behalf of neighbors after being elected to battle against a very similar established liberal city and county government in Austin to preserve our rights as homowners and parents. These were small battles in comparison, but we battled giants and won. It was only done through a planned, orchestrated, and hard-fought campaign with the support of people in all the right places to help. It was also won because we couldn’t be ignored and when necessary, gave our opponents a planned save-face reason for giving in to us.

Right now, the only way to stop the immigration amnesty is by a huge show of force and resolve by the American people themselves.

I fear my government, which until Obama won his second term, was something I never dreamed could happen. After watching what has happened with the IRS, NSA, the easy deflection of scandals and lies by democrats, thanks to the media support and the fact that his constituents don’t care as long as the corruption is against the rest of us, I now live in fear of speaking out, of owning guns, of even expressing opinions to people about him in private or on my own facebook page. For this reason, I worry about getting involved out of fear of my own government. I am sending this message despite this because my gut tells me, just like it did 6 years ago and again 2 years ago that this is going to get much, much worse and I would like to see enough people get out of their comfort zones to do more than just vote or donate money and get to the streets to change things.

Unless we stop this dictator-like behavior and new leaders come and along and make changes to tip the scale, then down the road, I see a dire and final crack between the two sides that has to ultimately lead to economic and civil collapse with secession and even civil war possible again. The middle class can’t and won’t support erosion of our way of life and freedoms forever, especially not if it is leading to economic collapse. In the 1990’s, I would have thought this paragraph sounded like the ramblings of a paranoid lunatic, but today, I am not alone in these fears. Like so many others I continously encounter, I am personally preparing for the outcome I am predicting because I don’t want to be in the wrong place and not ready when it happens.

You have my permission to contact me and to forward this letter to help the cause, but for now, I wish to remain anonymous to the rest of the world, and especially to my own government, out of fear (isn’t this unbelievable??).

[end] (Writer’s identity withheld)