Amnesty Slipping Through Their Fingers

Amnesty Slipping Fingers
Mark Krikorian, CIS — They must be cursing Assad at the Chamber of Commerce and La Raza. If only he’d held off gassing his enemies (assuming it was, in fact, him) until after the House passed an immigration bill, it wouldn’t have been so bad.
As it is, “Immigration Reform Falls to the Back of the Line,” notes today’s New York Times:

“Congress is likely to postpone consideration of an immigration overhaul until the end of the year, if not longer, even as advocates are preparing for an all-out, urgent push this fall to win their longstanding goal of a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants here illegally.

“In Washington, the sudden debate over military action in Syria and a looming face-off with President Obama over the budget and the nation’s borrowing limit have shot to the top of the legislative agenda, while Republican angst about losing Hispanic voters in the 2012 presidential campaign has faded.

The Washington Post reports that one Wall Street consulting firm “has advised its clients that the chances of an immigration bill being completed by spring have fallen from 60 percent to 30 percent because of the Syria debate, and warned that the fiscal battles will be even more inflammatory.” I would have put it at 30 percent or less before Syria, and maybe 10 percent now, but the point is the trend…

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