A Commentary About the Chief Emperor’s Usurpation of the Rule of Law

Commentary by Jim Gilchrist

President Obama and his unprincipled fellow Democrats can snub their noses at commonsense rule of law all they want. But, they also have to deal with an enraged electorate who have been relegated to the status of second class citizens while the illegal alien population has just been exalted to celebrity status.

And to think so many of us Americans have fought in wars for this country…a country we thought was “a nation of laws,” only to realize that is just a myth.

Furthermore, I know many senior citizens who barely scrape by on paltry social security retirement checks and who have to spend their last years on earth living in poverty.

The United States spends about $384 BILLION each year on all the dozens of welfare-type benefit programs for the millions of illegal aliens currently occupying U.S. territory. Those funds would be more appropriately earmarked to double the amounts social security retirees receive so that they could live out their final days with some semblance of dignity.

Illegal aliens are simply not welcome and not wanted in the United States of America. An orderly queue of a prescribed a number of “legal” immigrants necessary to continue our nation as a global economic power and a civilized society “are” welcomed and wanted.

The appropriate executive action would have been an announcement by Obama that he was aggressively encouraging all members of law enforcement to earnestly enforce U.S. immigration laws. After all, a nation that no longer enforces its laws is no longer a nation of laws.

The time for repatriating the millions of illegal aliens in the United States back to their homelands is long overdue. Obama’s arrogant disrespect of our laws is not irreversible.
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project