A Badge of Honor: Attacked by the $PLC

The fundraising machine disguised as a so-called charity called the Southern Poverty Law Center saw fit to attack the Minuteman Project’s absolutely correct fact that a recent comic called for violence against thinly-disguised versions of our law-abiding members.

The SPLC rakes in millions for its fat cat owners by launching vicious hit pieces and throwing around thinly-sourced slanders and libels against ideologically-opposed Americans.

Jim Gilchrist, one of the co-founders of the Minuteman Project, protested vigorously about the villainization of the border watchers.

What would these so-called tolerant Leftist say if Captain America were actually enforcing the law and preventing illegal aliens from breaking the law?  Certainly, they would have Captain America on their “hate watch” list.wolverine_vs_captain_america_by_axel2396-d4bdq8oLet’s just say that we wear the scorn of these greedy race-baiting zealots like a badge of honor.