Migrant Trail Walk

Al Garza — We, Americans of Hispanic ancestry have a clear understanding of your mission and applaud your noble passion to the dangerous aspects of our borders. However, if you truly sense a spiritual commitment for the human dignity of these poor impoverished people, I strongly encourage you to focus on educating them how to protest their corrupt governments and make changes in their own Homeland; Essentially, this will eliminate their need for inhumane journeys which often lead to tragedy including death. Why not orchestrate your walks addressing Mexico which is an extremely wealthy country. It is rich in natural resources, oil, coal, etc. Why not bear witness to the tragedies that concern you before they occur, in their place of origin. Hope & Change can be accomplished in their native land, if they are given the same inspiration, and the same guidance by underscoring the precarious reality of a corrupt Mexico in contrast to your defiance of secure borders which is our right as a sovereign nation. Your mission, as eminent and noteworthy as it appears, defies both logic & reason. [Read More]