2nd Wave Of Illegal Alien Kids Crashing on the Border Now

U.S. Border Patrol reports nabbing 12,509 “unaccompanied youths” at the border since October making it the crest of a second wave of illegal alien kids that began last summer.

The Obama Administration is also only deporting about 1 in 6 of this next wave of illegals.

ICE documents provided to the Washington Examiner shows that ICE is accepting an average of 2,000 a month, meaning that the Border Patrol is returning just one of six kids to their countries, mostly Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

For example, the papers show that ICE “booked in” 2,355 unaccompanied youths in December 2014, second only to the previous December’s 3,582.

Of course these are just the official figures.  Total number of illegals is always higher

The numbers seized at the border are typically higher than the number of those booked into the United States since some are turned back. What’s more, only about half of those who try to cross the border illegally are typically caught or even noticed.