280 illegal alien criminals arrested across six states

Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted sting operations across six states that led to the arrests of 280 illegal alien criminals. From Kansas’s KAKE News:

“Those are the types of individuals that we are aggressively going after, said ICE Spokesperson Gail Montenegro. “We will arrest them and put them in deportation proceedings.”

In all, I.C.E. agents arrest 280 illegals across the Midwest who have been convicted of crimes in the United States. Thirty-six were arrested in Kansas, 16 of them in Wichita and 16 in Garden City.

I.C.E says their convictions include aggravated robbery, armed robbery, illegal possession of a gun by a felon, battery, hit-and-run and drug trafficking.

“We are making in our community safer by focusing our resources on convicted criminals and removing them from this country,” Montenegro said. “We are focusing on egregious criminals and that immediately increases public safety.”

The illegals are being held in local county jails until they go through the deportation process.