100,000 Illegals Got Work Permits

Barack Obama wasted no time at all in passing out work permits for thousands of illegal aliens after his executive action in November 2014.

It turns out that until he was stopped by a brave federal judge in February, Obama had already managed to give three year work permits to at least 100,000 illegal aliens.

The Texas judge issued the temporary halt on DAPA and the DACA expansion on February 16. According to the Justice Department’s filing, between November 24 and February 16, USCIS granted 100,000 illegal immigrants three-year employment authorizations (EADs), instead of two year EADs. An aspect of Obama’s November 20 announcement was that time expansion on work permits.

While Obama already claimed the authority to grant the work permits through his earlier executive orders, the three year work permits were specifically “authorized” by his most recent fiats. So, despite the judge’s finding, Obama will blithely ignore the judge’s order and not rescind the work permits he has already handed out.

Despite taking action on the executive orders well before the beginning of the expanded programs, the Obama administration explains in its filing that it will not be revoking the three-year EADs. The administration simply wants the court to be aware of them.

Not that this should come as any surprise. A President unwilling to enforce the law and willing to change the law as he sees fit is not going to bow to something as low as a mere federal judge.